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SNP rsID Minor Allele RefSNP Alleles
GSTM1   rs1056806 T C/T
GSTM1   rs10857796 A A/G
GSTM1   rs12097277 A A/G
GSTM1   rs2239892 G C/T
GSTM1   rs4147564 C C/T
GSTM1   rs4147565 A A/G
GSTM1   rs4147566 T C/T
GSTM1   rs4147567 G A/G
GSTM1   rs448934 T A/G
GSTM1   rs57201490 T C/T
GSTM1   rs6674567 A A/G
GSTM1   rs737497 C A/G
GSTM1   rs74837985 C C/G
GSTM1   rs756637 A C/T
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GST detoxifies many water-soluble environmental toxins, including solvents, herbicides, fungicides, and heavy metals (eg, mercury, cadmium, and lead). Defects in GST activity can contribute to fatigue

The glutathione S-transferases (GST; EC are a family of enzymes responsible for the metabolism of a broad range of xenobiotics and carcinogens (Mannervik, 1985). This enzyme catalyzes the reaction of glutathione with a wide variety of organic compounds to form thioethers, a reaction that is sometimes a first step in a detoxification process leading to mercapturic acid formation.

Simple info on Glutathione from Hyman:

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