Serotonin transporter gene SLC6A4

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SNP rsID Minor Allele RefSNP Alleles
SLC6A4   rs1042173 A G/T
SLC6A4   rs11080121 T C/T
SLC6A4   rs11657536 A A/G
SLC6A4   rs12449783 C A/C
SLC6A4   rs140700 T A/G
SLC6A4   rs140701 C A/G
SLC6A4   rs16965581 G A/G
SLC6A4   rs16965623 G A/G
SLC6A4   rs2020934 G C/T
SLC6A4   rs2020936 G C/T
SLC6A4   rs2020942 T A/G
SLC6A4   rs2066713 A C/T
SLC6A4   rs25528 G A/C
SLC6A4   rs25531 C A/G
SLC6A4   rs25532 A C/T
SLC6A4   rs25533 G C/T
SLC6A4   rs28914825 A C/T
SLC6A4   rs28914826 T A/G
SLC6A4   rs28914827 T A/G
SLC6A4   rs28914829 A C/T
SLC6A4   rs28914830 A C/T
SLC6A4   rs28914833 G C/T
SLC6A4   rs3794808 C A/G
SLC6A4   rs4251417 T A/G
SLC6A4   rs4583306 G A/G
SLC6A4   rs6354 G A/C
SLC6A4   rs8071667 T C/T
SLC6A4   rs8073965 T G/T
SLC6A4   rs8076005 G A/G
SLC6A4   rs9903602 G G/T
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