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SNP rsID Minor Allele RefSNP Alleles
AHCY-01   rs819147 C C/T
AHCY-02   rs819134 G A/G
AHCY-19   rs819171 C C/T
BHMT-02   rs567754 T C/T
BHMT-04   rs617219 C A/C
BHMT-08   rs651852 T A/G
CBS A360A   rs1801181 A C/T
CBS C699T   rs234706 A A/G
CBS N212N   rs2298758 A A/G
GPHN   rs10129827 A A/G
GPHN   rs10134592 A A/G
GPHN   rs10135117 T G/T
GPHN   rs10138865 T C/T
GPHN   rs10138952 G A/G
GPHN   rs10141815 G A/G
GPHN   rs10141952 A A/G
GPHN   rs10142288 T C/T
GPHN   rs10143670 G A/G
GPHN   rs10144870 G A/G
GPHN   rs10147954 C C/T
GPHN   rs10148212 C A/C
GPHN   rs10148975 T G/T
GPHN   rs10150424 G A/G
GPHN   rs10483790 T C/T
GPHN   rs10483792 G A/G
GPHN   rs10483794 A A/G
GPHN   rs11158646 G G/T
GPHN   rs11621555 C C/T
GPHN   rs11623598 T C/T
GPHN   rs11848862 C A/C
GPHN   rs11849518 T C/T
GPHN   rs12101156 G A/G
GPHN   rs12323823 C C/T
GPHN   rs12433426 A A/C
GPHN   rs1274047 G A/G
GPHN   rs17103913 G A/G
GPHN   rs17182817 G A/G
GPHN   rs17182886 C A/C
GPHN   rs17183406 C C/T
GPHN   rs17780682 C C/T
GPHN   rs17827735 G G/T
GPHN   rs189266339 T A/T
GPHN   rs1951357 G A/G
GPHN   rs1952070 G C/T
GPHN   rs1952337 A A/C
GPHN   rs1955609 G C/T
GPHN   rs1955611 T A/C
GPHN   rs2180448 C A/C
GPHN   rs34259545 C C/T
GPHN   rs3759753 C C/T
GPHN   rs3784075 C C/T
GPHN   rs3784077 C A/C
GPHN   rs4605098 A A/G
GPHN   rs6573710 A A/C
GPHN   rs7141519 C C/T
GPHN   rs7142068 T C/T
GPHN   rs7142580 G G/T
GPHN   rs7142841 G G/T
GPHN   rs7145295 A A/G
GPHN   rs7148044 A A/G
GPHN   rs7149265 C C/T
GPHN   rs7151086 A A/G
GPHN   rs7154905 G A/G
GPHN   rs7156426 T C/T
GPHN   rs7157922 C A/C
GPHN   rs7159063 T C/T
GPHN   rs7160476 T C/T
GPHN   rs7161698 C C/T
GPHN   rs74393480 G A/G
GPHN   rs8014841 G A/G
GPHN   rs8016391 C C/T
GPHN   rs8018159 T G/T
GPHN   rs8020095 A A/G
GPHN   rs8022657 T C/T
GPHN   rs928553 C A/G
GPHN   rs9323491 G A/G
GPHN   rs941808 T G/T
MOCS1   rs1109103 T C/T
MOCS1   rs11969769 T G/T
MOCS1   rs13197734 A A/G
MOCS1   rs2273853 A C/T
MOCS1   rs2984437 G C/T
MOCS1   rs2984440 A C/T
MOCS1   rs2984659 C A/C
MOCS1   rs3008821 G A/G
MOCS1   rs3800349 T A/G
MOCS1   rs716856 A C/T
MOCS1   rs7758412 A A/G
MOCS1   rs9689513 A A/G
MOCS2   rs12515434 T C/T
MOCS2   rs17298431 G A/G
MOCS2   rs2068247 T C/T
MOCS2   rs2233213 C A/G
MOCS2   rs2233216 C A/G
MOCS2   rs3756532 T A/G
SUOX   rs705703 T C/T
Genome Wide Studies
  • Study on rs8020095 - Depression (quantitative trait). 

    A genome-wide association study of depressive symptoms.

    Population: up to 16,709 European ancestry individuals ( Replicated in another study with up to 16,709 European ancestry individuals )

    Pubmed reference: 23290196