Health Practitioners

sharon clare   Level 4 weight management/diploma in sports nutrition, certificate in clinical nutrition and prevention of child obesity,

Body Coach Fitness-- is an independant personal training and nutritional advise service owned by Sharon Clare a specialist REPS level 4 coach and associate member of FNTP-with a mission to inspire,educate and motivate others to lead a healthier lifestyle and get more people more active more often through healthy nutrition ,physicalactivity and sports-Body Coach fitness-specialises in unque bespoke functional diagnostic nutritional problems based on scientific analysis and Genomic/DNA based exercise programmes- online nutritionn and personal training coaching as well as the more traditional speciaised areas such as pre and post natal, strength and conditioning and weight management through individualised exercise and nutrition plans

Languages: English

The Health Practitioners listed on this page use Livewello ™ as a tool for communicating with their clients. Livewello ™ does not validate or make any assertions about the qualifications of these practitioners. Please consult a licensed Health Practitioner before making any decisions about your health.

Please be careful when picking a practitioner. Check the Department of Health in the state where the practitioner works. Every state provides online information where you can look up a practitioner's credentials. You will will be able to find out:

  • If their license is active, lapsed or suspended
  • Their educational information
  • Length of time practicing
  • If they have had any disciplinary actions
An informed choice is the best choice.