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Livewello transforms complex genetic data into easy, conversational insights. Our platform allows you to chat with your DNA, turning intricate genetic information into practical, actionable knowledge. Upload your genetic raw data, ask questions, and receive personalized advice, all through an intuitive chat interface. It's your genetics, demystified and accessible, guiding you towards better health decisions.

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Engage with your DNA data in a conversational way. Ask GeneChat about health conditions, medication compatibility, and wellness advice based on your genetics.

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Custom Genotype Reports

For advanced users and health professionals, utilize our tool to create detailed, personalized genotype reports. Dive deep into genetic analysis with custom queries and comprehensive insights.

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Curated Health Reports

Receive tailor-made articles and reports on genetic conditions, offering insights into how they might impact your health and lifestyle.

Complexity of Genetics
The Problem
Navigating the Complexity of Genetics

Understanding your genetic makeup can be daunting. The intricate details of DNA, genes, and their impact on health and wellness are often overwhelming. This complexity makes it challenging for individuals to make informed decisions about their health based on their genetic information.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the basic types of questions for our customers. For more information please contact us.

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Your privacy is our top priority. Livewello employs robust security measures to protect your personal and genetic data. We do not sell or share your information with third parties. The control over sharing your data lies entirely in your hands.

You have full control over your data. You can delete your genetic data and any associated information from your Livewello account at any time, with just a few simple clicks.

Livewello accepts a variety of genetic data file formats. You can upload your data as a text file (.txt), in tab-delimited (.tsv) or comma-separated (.csv) format. Compressed files (.zip) and Variant Call Format (.vcf) are also supported for your convenience.

Livewello is designed to provide you with insights into your genetic data. While we offer valuable information, it's important to note that our service is not a substitute for professional medical advice or diagnoses. We recommend consulting healthcare professionals for medical-related decisions.

GeneChat is equipped to answer a wide range of questions related to your genetic data. This includes inquiries about health conditions, genetic predispositions, medication responses, wellness advice, and more. GeneChat provides personalized insights based on your unique genetic profile.

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