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Our goal
"To help people make better decisions about their health and wellness"

To achieve this, we have developed unique and innovative tools for genetic data analysis, such as our Interactive Personal Health Record (PHR) manager. By simply uploading your genetic raw data and updating your Personal Health Record, you can get specific answers to questions that could directly impact your health.

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Over 100 Health articles

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Cold Sores: The Hereditary Connection

Have you ever found yourself canceling plans because of a tiny blister that decided to grace your lip just in time for an important event?

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Genetic Risk for Lupus

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Genetic Risk for Panic Disorder and Social Anxiety Disorder

A delicate interplay of nature and nurture, our unique blueprint—our genetics—plays an integral role in shaping who we are.

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Genetic Risk for Classical Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

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Genetic Risk for Histamine Intolerance

Histamine intolerance, a condition where there is an excess of histamine in the body, may be more common than we previously thought.

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Our Advanced Features

Enhance Your Genetic Analysis Experience with Livewello's Advanced Features

A.I Chat bot

Query your genetic data using natural language. Ask it questions about your health conditions, medications, and more.

An Interactive PHR

Interact with your Personal Health Record and ask it questions about your genetic risk for disease, drug interactions and your unique responses.

Daily Health Reports

Recieve curated articles about genetic conditions and how they could affect your health.

Upload Generic
Raw Data

  • Get your genetic results from personal genome services like 23andMe, AncestryDNA, FTDNA, MyHeritage, and more ...
  • Upload the file to your account

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Update your PHR

Use the Personal Health Record manager to add your information

  • Add some background history about yourself
  • Enter your Health conditions, medications and dietary supplements, Allergies, Favorite Foods & beverages.

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Ask questions

  • What is my genetic risk for heart disease?
  • Check my drug interactions?
  • I have a rash. Do you think it's from my medications?

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We have free features!

Explore with Sample Genetic Data!

Get hands-on experience by using our sample genetic data. It’s a great way to learn how Livewello works and explore the features we offer. To access advanced features using your own genetic data, consider one of our subscription plans.

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Free Genetic Report!

You can review your free report on your Profile Dashboard, as soon as you upload your raw data. To get daily Health Reports, choose one of the subscription plans below.

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Free GeneChat Tokens

Tokens are used for access to the GeneChat feature. You can use your free tokens to ask questions about your genetic data, or to ask questions about the information in your PHR. You get 2000 free tokens when you sign up. To get more tokens, you can choose one of the subscription plans below, or pay-as-you-go. ($0.25 per 1000 tokens)

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For individuals




  • Upload one (1) genetic data file
  • Store upto 1 Gb of data
  • 20K tokens per month (approx. 15,000 words).Tokens are used for GeneChat access. (Purchase more for $0.25 per 1000 tokens)
  • View your genetic reports (with clinical annotations), for thousands of variants
  • Daily health reports
  • 24x7 Email Support






  • Upload upto three (3) genetic data files
  • Upload Whole Genome data
  • Combine genetic data files, even from multiple sources
  • Combine genetic data versions, even from different genome assembly builds - such as human genome versions GRCh37 and GRCh38
  • Store upto 3 Gb of data (3x more than basic plan)
  • Receive genetic report with clinical annotations!
  • R50K tokens per month (approx 37500 words)
  • Daily reports
  • 24x7 Email Support
Small groups or practice




  • Upload upto three (5) genetic data files
  • Add addtitional raw data uploads, for a one-time fee per upload. (Ideal for groups or a clinical practice)
  • Upload Whole Genome data
  • Combine genetic data files, even from multiple sources
  • Combine genetic data versions, even from different genome assembly builds - such as human genome versions GRCh37 and GRCh38
  • Store upto 5 Gb of data
  • Receive genetic report with clinical annotations!
  • 100K tokens per month (approx. 75,000 words)
Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the basic types of questions for our customers. For more information please contact us.

Email us your questionFind us on Instagram

We can process any genetic raw data file if it is properly formatted. The data should be in a text file (.txt) either as plain text, tab-delimited (.tsv) or comma separated (.csv). You can also upload the file in a compressed format (.zip), or Variant Call Format (.vcf)

Our reports are formulated using the latest data from scientific sources such as NCBI Medline, GWAS, Ensembl, PharmGKB and many others. Thousands of new studies are added to these databases, monthly, and we report on all of them. The reports your recieve are limited only by the availability of the scientific research, and the contents of your genetic raw data.

Yes, your reports can be shared and you can view who has access to your results.

No. We do not sell any of your information, and we never share any of your data. Only you can share your data.

We use colors as a visual aid to help explain your genotypes as they relate to genetic variants. Moving your mouse cursor over the color label provides additional information.

Yes, you can easily delete your genetic data and all the information in your account, with only a few clicks.

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Write to us at support@livewello.com and we will get back to you shortly.