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We have lots of free features!

Explore with Sample Genetic Data!

Get hands-on experience by using our sample genetic data. It’s a great way to learn how Livewello works and explore the features we offer. To access advanced features using your own genetic data, consider one of our subscription plans below.

Free Genetic Report!

Run one (1) sample genetic report and view your genotypes, with clinical annotations. All current Livewello members* can continue to access the reports in their account. To get new features such as Phenotype Reports, choose one of the subscription plans below.

Free SNP Templates

Use our newly updated SNP template builder to create an unlimited number of report templates, for yourself and also to share with our commnunity. The SNP Templates Library already contains thousands of member-contributed report templates!

Basic plan

$6.95 / Month

$75 / Year

  • Upload one (1) genetic data file
  • Store upto 1 Gb of data
  • 20K tokens per month (approx. 15,000 words).Tokens are used for GeneChat access. (Purchase more for $0.25 per 1000 tokens)
  • View your genetic reports (with clinical annotations), for thousands of variants
  • Curated Health and nutrigenomic reports curated.
  • 24x7 Email Support

Premium Plus plan

$25/ Month

$215/ Year

  • Upload upto five (5) genetic data files
  • Add addtitional raw data uploads, for a one-time fee per upload. (Ideal for groups or a clinical practice)
  • Upload Whole Genome data
  • Combine genetic data files, even from multiple sources
  • Combine genetic data versions, even from different genome assembly builds - such as human genome versions GRCh37 and GRCh38
  • Store upto 5 Gb of data
  • Receive genetic report with clinical annotations!
  • 100K tokens per month (approx. 75,000 words)
  • Schedule live tutorials for personalized guidance on using our service.